Floyd Mayweather Gives Fight Advice to Khabib About Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Gives Fight Advice to Khabib About Conor McGregor

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been the center of attention lately with his pending fight with Conor McGregor around the corner. While Conor McGregor has been steadily working alongside Dillon Danis – Khabib has been train at AKA.

The last man to defeat McGregor in a combat match (boxing) had some advice for the Dagestan fighter.

Mayweather says that McGregor is a “warrior” who isn’t afraid of anybody or anything …

“Conor’s not gonna back down and he’s not a scared fighter at all, win, lose or draw. Conor’s gonna come to fight.”

Mayweather is also inviting McGregor to come train with him for the Khabib fight:

“I know that UFC got a training facility but we’d like for him to work out at the Mayweather Boxing Club.”

So, who is Mayweather picking? He had this to say:

“I don’t really have a prediction because I’ve never seen the guy fight that’s facing Conor McGregor — from what I know he’s a hell of a guy that’s on the ground — hell of a grappler — and he can wrestle.”

“But, the fans want to see you stand up and fight. That’s what the fans like to see. But, Conor McGregor, he’s a tough competitor, like I said before Conor McGregor’s not gonna back down from anyone, he’s not scared, he’s a warrior.”

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