Female Bodybuilder Tries Out Grueling BJJ Specific Conditioning Circuit

Female Bodybuilder Tries Out Grueling BJJ Specific Conditioning Circuit

In the past, there have been many instances where strength athletes, whether bodybuilders or powerlifters, have tried training Jiu-Jitsu and have rolled with the instructor to test themselves:

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Another one that comes to mind was when a BJJ practitioner and a bodybuilder tested each other in a specific strength competition:

Bodybuilder & BJJ Practitioner: Specific Strength Competition

In this latest event, Brazilian female bodybuilder Julia Caceres decided to see if she could survive a BJJ specific strength training session.

She was invited by Giovanna Eburneo (ghi_eburneo on IG), a BJJ brown belt who happens to have a huge following on Instagram with (currently) 236K followers.


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Giovanna made her do a grueling 3 round BJJ circuit which consisted of sprawls, knee on belly drills, bridges and more. This is completely different to how Julia usually trains and she could feel how difficult it was:

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