Felipe Pena Discharged From Hospital After Battling Bacterial Infection

Felipe Pena Discharged From Hospital After Battling Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infections aren’t fun… But the sooner you treat them, the better – which was the exact lesson that Felipe Pena took from a recent experience.

Namely, Pena suffered a bacterial infection during a USA seminar tour, due to which he was hospitalized for a week.
Fortunately, everything went well and he’s been discharged from the hospital.

He shared the good news via Instagram:

After a week hospitalized for a bacterial infection I caught in the USA during my seminar tour I finally got discharged today!

I’d like to thank especially Dr. Rogerio Tavares, Dr. Rodrigo Montalvo, and the whole Biocor D’Or team for their special attention and care, you were impeccable.
Thanks to my family, my girlfriend for the care and everyone who was sending messages.

Everything is fine. I’m home and soon back on the tatami.
Health is everything, any symptom you have – look at it. The sooner you treat it, the better.


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Pena is focused on fighting in an MMA debut sometime in the near future, too.
Here’s what he said about the octagon transition in a recent interview:

That is a plan (migrating to MMA) that, for me, was already set. After my last fight with Gordon, I was certain that I would do that fight and then focus on MMA, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

I’m at an age where I can’t wait too long, I have a few good years of competition, but for MMA I would have to migrate now.

But then what happened (with Gordon Ryan) happened, and I’m going to have to put it off even further. It is a business that I really want, it was already certain and defined.