Felipe Pena Calls Out Gordon Ryan: „He Never Had The Slightest Bit Of Empathy“

Felipe Pena Calls Out Gordon Ryan: „He Never Had The Slightest Bit Of Empathy“

Gordon Ryan pulled out of the WNO match against Felipe Pena, which was scheduled for today (February 25) – citing illness as a result of his withdrawal.

However, Pena has found it difficult to empathize with Ryan’s reasoning.
In fact, the popular Preguiça proceeded to call out Ryan for his decision:

You decided not to fight because you had a bad performance in your last fight, you didn’t prepare as you should for this one and after seeing that I was training 3 months away from home, how prepared I am, you got scared.

It would have been less ugly if you had the courage to fight, lost and honored your commitment to everyone than having made all that noise to create a excuse and give up.

Pena decided to comment on Ryan’s call-outs as well:

I respect those who deserve it and he doesn’t.

He always disrespects and attacks everyone without the slightest need, saying mean, offensive things beyond any marketing and he never had the slightest bit of empathy and respect, especially in the face of the whole situation of our last fight.


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Ryan answered in the comment section:

If you think I’m afraid of a guy who lost to a brown belt and a kid half his size, and quit underneath me like a poor r*** victim, you’re ever more delusional than I thought.

Also I’d stop worrying about me and worry about actually beating the brown belt this time. Imagine you lose to him again?