Felipe Pena Calls Out Gordon Ryan For ADCC 2022 Match – Ryan Accepts

Felipe Pena Calls Out Gordon Ryan For ADCC 2022 Match – Ryan Accepts

Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan have been going at it for ages; with Ryan mostly picking on “Preguica”, saying that he doesn’t want to accept a match with him. Meanwhile, Pena claims that Ryan never offered him a match at all and is, in fact, running away from the confrontation himself.
However, it seems that the BJJ community might be getting near “closure”. A day ago, Felipe Pena took it to Instagram and asked the ADCC 2022 organizers to remove him from his own weight class (-99kg); and place him in Ryan’s weight class (+99kg):

My chubby son is a liar boy who always says that I don’t want to fight him, that I never sign the contract etc… And that’s the biggest lie in the world; because I’ve tried to make this fight happen several times but there are many fools who believe.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing mkt for a fight, doing trash talk, this is based on the profile of each one, but he goes beyond the limit; offends, lies and deceives a lot of people in this big internet world.
Since the ADCC confirmed that he will fight in the +99kg category (which by the way was not in my -99kg category)… I make a public and official request here to the organization to change my category and put me in his weight class(+99kg).

My baby is very angry, I really want to move up and beat him for the 3rd time, punishment time… Change approved @mojassim80 @adcc_official ?


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Gordon Ryan responded in the comment sections and later with a post – and he’s up for the challenge!

@adcc_official @mojassim80 give him to me on the 1st day. This way he will have a good seat on the 2nd day in the stands, where he belongs, as he watches me beat up Andre worse than Andre beat him up. I want him 2nd match.