Father & Son, Both MMA Fighters, Accused Of Assaulting An 18-Year-Old In Rio de Janeiro

Father & Son, Both MMA Fighters, Accused Of Assaulting An 18-Year-Old In Rio de Janeiro

According to reports, two men – Luiz “Betão” Alberto and his son Paulo Nogueira – both MMA fighters, have allegedly attacked Renato Siqueira, a young man of only 18 years of age.

The alleged attack took place during a carnival in Rio de Janeiro, after Siqueira bumped into Nogueira.
The 18-year-old was admitted to a hospital with head trauma, a broken face bone, brain edema, but is out of risk of death.

The victim’s mother spoke with TATAME and shared what happened:

Because of a bump, they were looking for trouble, and father and son attacked Renatinho. My son passed out on the floor, and they continued the attacks and, close to killing the boy.

TATAME also spoke to a young woman who witnessed the entire situation take place. She explained it as an act of cowardice:

Before that bald guy (Betão) went after him with everything, there was another boy (Paulo) hitting him (Renato), who was trying to run the whole time.

After he escaped the boy (Paulo) who was hitting him, the bald guy (Betão) went up to him, landed a punch and he fell face down on the curb, passed out.

Soon after, with Renato passed out, the bald guy went up to continue hitting him.

However, Paulo had his own side of the story, and denied that his father had any involvement in the fight:

My father and I went to pick up a friend who was lost in the crowd, when we passed, this guy was where people pass by and bumped into me and my father.
In that, I think that because he was with a crowd, he came up to us.

He pushed me away and his hand came to my neck. My reaction was to slap him, then I punched him. He fell in a faint. He fell to his knee on the ground and hit his face.

I helped him. I tried to wake him up, he opened his eyes a little lost… Some girls came saying they were nurses.

I left him with the girls and left the place. My father didn’t hit this kid and he didn’t have any kind of cowardice.

Betão, who is 41 years old, denied having been involved as well:

At no time did I participate in the fight. The argument started, I was even close, the guy came at my son…
It was like ten seconds, all very fast.

But my son, when the boy fell, already helped until the time a girl, a nurse, said she could help better.
If you can see the camera, you will see that it was very fast.