Fans Criticize Khabib Nurmagomedov For Advertising NFTs: “Don’t Do This Bro…”

Fans Criticize Khabib Nurmagomedov For Advertising NFTs: “Don’t Do This Bro…”

Since his retirement from professional fighting, Khabib Nurmagomedov has been pursuing a number of business ventures.
And one of these ventures, it seems, has been with the NFTs.

He advertised NFTs in a recent Instagram post:

Have you already met Khabib NFT Collection by GMT?

You can quickly build your mining empire with them and rake in bitcoins to your wallet.

In addition to turning a profit, you’ll get the chance to join my private club, and if you wish, you can fight for BTC against other NFT owners in a game.

I am very pleased with this collaboration because these NFTs turned out to be really cool.

He further added:

They have been created in collaboration with the GMT project, which aims to make entry into the crypto world understandable for everyone.

This means that buying and owning these NFTs will be as simple as possible for you.

However, Khabib’s fans haven’t been too happy with his decision to advertise NFTs.
They criticized him, claiming that this isn’t the sort of a thing that he should be doing, with the comments of the like:

Selling out. The last person you’d expect.

Don’t do this bro… Don’t recommend this crypto cr*p to your fans.

One of the comments also called for integrity:

This doesn’t suit your bro. The sooner you understand the better it will be for you.
You made a huge fanbase. Don’t ruin it. Don’t ruin your face and value.