F2W 180 Results: Rafael Lovato Jr. Keeps the No Gi Title

F2W 180 Results: Rafael Lovato Jr. Keeps the No Gi Title

The Fight To Win (F2W) 180 event was stacked with exciting matches! In the main event – the No Gi light heavyweight title match – Rafael Lovato Jr. got the win against Gabriel Arges. And in the co-main event – which was a No Gi welterweight title match – Johnny Tama acquired the win against Edwin Najmi.
Here’s how these matches went down.


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In the main event, Arges started by pulling guard and setting up a Knee Shield. Lovato worked with his heavy pressure to pass guard, getting to his knees in the process, while Arges was trying to gain a better position. With about five and a half minutes remaining in the match, Lovato got back up to his feet and Arges resumed to playing Open Guard.
Four more minutes passed with neither athletes managing to do anything of importance. They returned to their feet, after which Arges went for an Imanari Roll – ending up with Lovato in Closed Guard. With about 30 seconds to go, Lovato placed pressure on Arges, who tried to elevate him before going back to Closed Guard.

In the last 10 seconds of the match, Lovato secured an Ankle Lock. It wasn’t enough to get Argest to tap, but it was enough for Lovato to be declared the winner by unanimous decision; and to retain his No Gi light heavyweight title.



The co-main event saw more action than the main event did. After a few takedown attempts by Najmi, Tama pulled guard. Najmi went for a Knee Slice pass, while Tama tried to go for a Leg Lock. Najmi went again for the pass, but Tama – this time successfully – got the leg and went for a Heel Hook.
Edwin managed to defend and tried to stack pass his way through Tama’s guard; who tried to take the back from the bottom and then went for yet another leg attack as Najmi stood up. Najmi disengaged and then went again for his Knee Slice pass. He was unsuccessful, while Tama continued to hunt for yet another Leg Lock.

Najmi then lowered himself and tried to get an Estima Lock, without success. Tama used this opportunity to go for a Straight Ankle Lock – which Najmi went for as well! However, Najmi escaped and got back up to his feet. Then, he went for a Straight Ankle Lock again, which Tama tried to counter with a Heel Hook; ultimately abandoning it in order to escape Najmi’s submission attempt.
Najmi stood up and Tama went for yet another Heel Hook attempt. This time, successfully – Najmi tapped out and Tama claimed the No Gi welterweight title.



Here are the full results of the F2W 180 event.

Black Belt:

  • Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Gabriel Arges via decision
  • Johnny Tama defeats Edwin Najmi via Heel Hook
  • Rafael Dos Anjos defeats Matheus Luna via split decision
  • Mayara Custodio defeats Talita Nogueira via decision
  • Marcelo Mafra defeats Chris Hargett via decision
  • Baret Yoshida defeats Jeff Nolasco via Crucifix
  • Yago DeSouza defeats Mathias Luna via decision
  • Gabriel Almedia defeats Xavier Silva via decision
  • Jason Youseph defeats Carl Boudro via Triangle Choke
  • Johnny Ho defeats PJ Montano via Heel Hook
  • Ricky Salas defeats Thiago Angelon (injury)
  • Jair Silva defeats Leonidas Tarca via decision
  • Omar Sabha defeats Nick Greene via decision
  • Elder Cruz defeats Art Garcia via decision
  • Joao Pacheco defeats Gabriel Castro via decision
  • Michael John defeats Carlo Marasigan via decision
  • Sean Joseph defeats Ron Henderson via split decision
  • Rodrigo Freitas defeats Zimitro Perez via Choke

Open Belt Open Weight NO GI Title:
  • Bri Robertson defeats Helena Crevar via decision

Brown Belt:
  • Dan Dykeman defeats Shannon Mackenzie via Armbar
  • Zalodya Frangulyan defeats Justin Turner via decision
  • Joshua Squires defeats Danny Pena via Choke
  • Tim Hirata defeats Miguel Rios via split decision
  • Guilherme Thury defeats Roberto Rios via decision
  • Giulia Gregorut defeats Danielle Walters via decision
  • Garrett Waltzer defeats Josue Cuellar via Heel Hook
  • Guilherme Bacha Guedes defeats Anthony Aguilera via Triangle Choke

Purple Belt:
  • Vinicius Bueno Coimbra defeats Jeremy Pare via decision
  • Rodrigo Mariani defeats Zachary Wolivar via decision
  • Eduardo Lima defeats Brady Huang via Flying Armbar
  • Jonathan Arias defeats Kevin Reyes via decision

Blue Belt:
  • Christian Vukaj defeats Matty Geiger via decision
  • Mía Funegra defeats Florejane Conde via decision
  • Rylee Kitchen defeats Kelsey Keown via decision
  • Jaclyn Cataline defeats Emma Reusing via decision
  • Jalen Fonacier defeats Isaiah Nunez via Ankle Lock

  • Hayden Goehring defeats Katie Escamilla via Armbar
  • Natalee Funegra defeats Sierrra Fahn via decision
  • Elijah Nunez defeats Lucques Sorenson via decision
  • Seth Reppond defeats James Ruiz via Armbar