Flashback: Exposed Fake BJJ Black Belt at UFC Gym

Flashback: Exposed Fake BJJ Black Belt at UFC Gym



This was posted on Facebook back in 2015. Justin Farwell goes to a UFC Gym in Flowermound, Texas. He wasn’t there to train, but rather to expose one of the instructors working there, Jeremy Varney, who was claiming that he was a BJJ black belt. He rolls with him, and  He questions the so called black belt’s qualifications. Apparently he was promoted by “some guy” in Hawaii.

After rolling with him for a mere 20 seconds, the fake black belt Jeremy fakes an injury, screaming in pain. Justin Farwell then proceeds to call him out and expose him.

There is no record online of any BJJ black belt from Hawaii called Jeremy Varney, only an article talking about an MMA promoter by the same name, also in Hawaii, that ripped off some MMA fighters including Clay Guida’s brother Jason:

Promoter Jeremy Varney then expressed that the prize money, $25,000 in cash, had been stolen from someone’s car and that he would provide checks to the fighters. Guida, as well as many of the other fighters, refused to accept a check.

Here’s the video of them rolling, the ‘injury’ and then the call out:


As a result, the UFC gym franchise BJJ program director Mauricio ‘Tinguinha’ issued a statement on the UFC GYM website.


DATE: 01/13/2015 – 16:01:39
My name is Mauricio “Tinguinha” Mariano. For those who do not know me, I am a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt with almost 30 years of BJJ experience. I have dedicated most of my life to following the true philosophy of the Martial Arts.

As the BJJ program director at the UFC GYM corporate gyms, I’d like to comment on a taped incident that recently took place at a UFC GYM franchised location in Flower Mound, Texas. On the tape, a BJJ instructor at that location is seen reluctantly answering questions in regards to his belt validation while nursing an injury. At the franchise owner’s request, we have become involved in our role as franchisor to help further validate whether the credentials this BJJ instructor used to obtain this position with the franchise are legitimate. So far, unfortunately, we have not been able to find validation of that BJJ instructor’s Lineage or Belt history with the BJJ school he has referenced in Hawaii. As a result, he is no longer teaching BJJ at that UFC GYM franchise.

UFC GYM has a well organized BJJ program in our corporate UFC GYM locations that has existed for quite some time and, we are in the process of broadening that program and its systems across all our franchised locations. Each of our gyms currently screens every coach for the proper qualifications prior to their employment, including any necessary NASM certifications. Moving forward, I will personally be responsible for ensuring these standards are adhered to for BJJ in all UFC GYM locations. I will also certify all UFC GYM employed BJJ head coaches. This improved certification process will create common training programs and accreditation systems across all UFC GYM locations further aligning our BJJ program offerings. It will also consistently leverage the safety and proper instructor training mandates that already exist in all UFC GYM corporate and franchise locations. The result of our system-wide BJJ program enhancements will be a consistent, high-quality BJJ platform based on the foundations of this Martial Art. This accreditation process and new programming will occur across the upcoming months making elite BJJ training available to all UFC GYM members.

Today, we have a team of approximately 45 BJJ instructors in our UFC GYM corporate gyms. There are verified Black Belts in all of those gyms. We are proud of the work that has been put in by all members of this team and look forward to implementing those same systems and programs at all of our UFC GYM franchises as well. This alignment has taken time, but will be universally offered across all locations. We assure the BJJ community that we are committed as a brand to proper BJJ systems and training and I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for BJJ with all of our members.


Mauricio “Tinguinha” Mariano, UFC Gym BJJ Program Director”