Erberth Santos ‘Does a Khabib’; Instigates Massive Brawl at BJJ Event

Erberth Santos ‘Does a Khabib’; Instigates Massive Brawl at BJJ Event

Erberth Santos has been involved in many incidents on and off the mats in the past, and is generally known as the bad boy of Jiu-Jitsu…

The 2017 world champion is a very controversial figure and has a lot of haters especially in his native Brazil.

He has taken to a whole new level when he instigated a brawl during last night’s final match of the star studded event BJJ Stars in Brazil.

Felipe Pena and Erberth Santos faced each other in the final match of the evening. Pena pulled guard and then swept Santos who then appeared to injure his knee. Santos then sat on the side of the mat and was seen arguing with some of Pena’s teammates. As they restarted the match with Santos on bottom, Santos kept arguing with someone in the crowd. This is when Santos ran towards Pena’s team and ‘did a Khabib’ and instigated massive brawl.

Part 1 of brawl:


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É triste um grande evento terminar dessa maneira! 😔

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Part 2:

Santos was DQ’d and Pena was awarded the victory.

The rest of the card was spectacular as it featured many of BJJ stars of the present and past.


Ricardo Rocha defeats Carlos da Silva (triangle).

Bianca Basilio defeats Michelle Nicolini (points).

Gabriel Rollo defeats Celso Vinicius (advantage).

“Pe de Chumbo” defeats Terere (choke).

Patrick Gaudio defeats Tim Spriggs (points).

Isaque Bahiense defeats DJ Jackson (decision).

Marco Barbosa defeats Wellington “Megaton” Diaz (points).

Roberto Godoi defeats Renato “Babalu” Sobral (points).

Nicholas Meregali defeats Leandro Lo (points).

Joao Gabriel Rocha defeats Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida (advantage).

Felipe Pena defeats Erberth Santos (DQ).

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