Emerald City Invitational 3: Full Results of “The Battle of Heel Hooks”

Emerald City Invitational 3: Full Results of “The Battle of Heel Hooks”

The Emerald City Invitational 3 featured a 185lbs division $10,000 grand prix… Which was full of Heel Hook finishes! And wouldn’t you know it – it was Oliver Taza who took the ultimate victory home, after beating 4 extremely tough opponents.

The winner of the European, Middle Eastern, and African 2021 ADCC Trials 77kg division first took on three opponents – taking them out in quick bursts; all three via different Heel Hook variations. Then, in the final match, he took on Nick Ronan – a Matt Serra BJJ black belt.
He wasn’t able to get the submission finish against him in the regulation period, but managed to set up an Inverted Triangle Choke in overtime – winning the $10,000 prize!

Check out the rest of the Emerald City Invitational 3 results below.



Opening Round:

  • Giancarlo Bodoni defeats Steve Kasten (via Rear Naked Choke)
  • Enrique Galarza defeats Steve Joachim (via Estima Lock)
  • Josh Hayden defeats Isiah Wright (via Heel Hook)
  • Nick Ronan defeats Matteo Martinez (via Decision)
  • Oliver Taza defeats Nick Domgjoni (via Heel Hook)
  • Jay Rodriguez defeats Aaron Harris (via Heel Hook)
  • Sean Yadimarco defeats Andre Petroski (via Heel Hook)
  • Alan Sanchez defeats Jon Perisma (via Armbar)



  • Giancarlo Bodoni defeats Enrique Galarza (via Rear Naked Choke)
  • Nick Ronan defeats Josh Hayden (via Decision)
  • Oliver Taza defeats Jay Rodriguez (via Heel Hook)
  • Sean Yadimarco defeats Alan Sanchez (via Rear Naked Choke)



  • Nick Ronan defeats Giancarlo Bodoni (via Heel Hook)
  • Oliver Taza defeats Alan Sanchez (via Heel Hook)


Final match:

  • Oliver Taza defeats Nick Ronan (via Inverted Triangle)



  • Estevan Martinez defeats Eric Naples (via Rear Naked Choke)
  • Amanda Leve defeats Lauren Jones (via Decision)