Eddie Cummings Confirms He Has Left Team Renzo Gracie to Join Unity Jiu-Jitsu

Eddie Cummings Confirms He Has Left Team Renzo Gracie to Join Unity Jiu-Jitsu

Eddie Wolverine has had a tumultuous year. After a rumored conflict with John Danaher, Wolverine has moved camps several sources say.

Back in February John Danaher shared why Eddie Wolverine and Jon Calestine no longer take his classes saying:

  Some athletes, such as Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan, are fine with the idea of training with people they will compete against, others, such as Eddie Cummings and Jonathan Calestine feel awkward about it. As a coach I respect and understand that. We still think of them as alumni from the same team and carrying the torch of our approach to the game.

Since then both John Danaher and Eddie Cummings put out leglock instructionals – with a very big price difference: 200$ for Danaher and just 20$ for Cummings’ instructional on Digitsu.

At this point in time several sources confirm Eddie has been spotted at Unity for a few days now. A separate source cites that Cummings has felt under appreciated at Renzo’s for a long while – and additionally that he felt upset that John Danaher system had taken his leglock ideas and that system was his even though Danaher takes credit.

Now Eddie Cummings has confirmed that the rumors are true (from his Instagram)

Here’s Krishna Mirjah with both Wolverine and John Satava of MGA:

When I started the Tech-Cell brand these two were some of my original students. They both went on to become professional grapplers with different factions. I’m fortunate that we can still all train together and that I can produce relevant strategies/techniques that they can use at the highest levels – krishna001

Danaher: Modern 10th Planet Style Is Basically Cloned After Our

Wolverine previously ran a competition class at renzo gracie brooklyn academy twice a week for over 6 months. He was spotted running them as late as August. A separate report claims that after he asked for the classes to be paid they were nixed by manager.

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