Dillon Danis: “Gordon Is A Juice Head – He’s Not That Good”

Dillon Danis: “Gordon Is A Juice Head – He’s Not That Good”

Dillon Danis and Gordon Ryan are at it again – calling each other and heating up the already fierce rivalry along the way!
Most recently, Danis has been a guest at the MMA Hour show with Ariel Helwani, where he accused Ryan for steroid abuse:

He just talks sh*t.

First off, anything that Gordon has done in his career doesn’t mean anything… Dude, he is fu*king juiced to the gills.
It doesn’t matter, nothing he does; imagine an NBA player that got busted for steroids and he was doing it all season, no one would even care.

He is just a juice head. He’s not that good.

But would he compete against Ryan again? Yes, but under one precondition:

He has to pass a drug test. That’s why he’s not doing MMA.

Why do you think he’s not doing MMA? He can’t pass a drug test. Nothing he’s done in his career – it doesn’t mean anything.
I can test USADA tomorrow or today, let’s see if he can.

Previously, it was Ryan who commented on Danis’ skills:

He was pretty well respected coming up through brown belt. And then, what people don’t know about this, is everyone thinks he’s like this badass – but now I think they’re kind of starting to realize.

If you actually look at the statistics and I’ve been dying to actually say this on a big podcast… Dillon Danis has a record in Jiu-Jitsu since black belt of 18-16.
Like, he’s not nearly as good at Jiu-Jitsu as people think he is.

Everyone just references the match with me like, yeah, that was about five years ago, I wasn’t good either.
But Dillon since black belt is 18-16, so it’s not a great record.