Dillon Danis Gets Tricked Into Promoting A Fake NFT Project

Dillon Danis Gets Tricked Into Promoting A Fake NFT Project

Dillon Danis once again made the “headlines” – this time for something not many people expected to happen.
Namely, Danis has allegedly been tricked into promoting a fake NFT project.

It seems that Danis was paid $1,000 to post a Tweet about an NFT project, with the wording that (once looked into it more closely) spells out S.C.A.M.
And not only that, but the infamous athlete also failed to emphasize that the tweet was an ad, which is a legal requirement – disclosing to the public that a given social media post is a paid advert (most often by using the #ad hashtag).

The news were given even more attention due to the fact that Gordon Ryan shared what happened as well:

Ryan and Danis have been going back and forth on social media for several years now. For example, Ryan also commented on Danis’ decision to drop out of his fight with KSI:

I knew it was going to happen. Dillon’s whole thing is he just soaks up the publicity for whatever he’s going to do, and then at the last second, he pulls out.

He gives the promotion enough time to find a replacement so they want to work with him again.

He must just be living off his family’s money or something and just hanging out.
He did a great job at building his initial brand, but if you’re going to talk sh*t and you don’t compete and you don’t win, then you’re just a clown, in my opinion.