Did Nicky Rodriguez Try to Cheat Against Felipe Pena?

Did Nicky Rodriguez Try to Cheat Against Felipe Pena?

As we already know, Felipe Pena won over Rodriguez by unanimous decision . However, Gordon drew attention to one moment during the fight.
During the fight, the referee stopped to wipe both Rodriguez and Pena. Felipe reported to the referee during the fight that Rod was slippery. Nicky Rod didn’t seem too concerned and stuck to his game plan as soon as the action resumed.

Gordon did not shy away from commenting on the meeting via Instagram. His post about a greased up Rodriguez ended in an outpouring of negative comments towards Ryan.

Here’s a comment from a Reddit user:

The same greasing accusation happened at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3, where Gordon Ryan defeated Nick Rodriguez.

In the post fight press conference, Ryan was explaining how hard it was for him to get a hold of Rodriguez:

“The moment he started sweating, he definitely was lotioned and the lotion came out. I couldn’t get a hold of him. He was so slippery.”

In this video, Gordon Ryan explains the exact greasing method used by grapplers and how to stop it from happening:

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