Did Jon Jones Use St*roids? Joe Rogan Reveals His Opinion

Did Jon Jones Use St*roids? Joe Rogan Reveals His Opinion

During a recent episode of the JRE MMA Show, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson joined UFC commentator Joe Rogan to discuss various topics…
Including Jackson’s thoughts on former opponent Jon Jones – and the controversy surrounding Jones’ positive drug tests.

Jackson, like many MMA fans, had some skepticism about Jones’ career due to the positive tests.
But Rogan explained that a lot of people still think that “Bones” has been clean all along:

He did [get tested positive], but the problem that he got popped with, there were so minuscule levels that it didn’t make sense.

Jackson replied by explaining that there’s a difference between someone like Alistair Overeem and Jon Jones.
Meaning that Bones never gave away any PED use by his appearance alone:

He don’t look like somebody that does steroids.

Rogan agreed, emphasizing that steroid use isn’t always apparent just by looking at someone.

He brought up Lance Armstrong as an example, noting how Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs wasn’t obvious despite his record-setting achievements in the Tour de France:

No he doesn’t… But neither did Lance Armstrong.
He was doing testosterone, he was definitely doing that too.

Those guys were doing a lot of sh*t.