Despite Efforts to Put On Weight, Caio Terra Will Finally Stay At Rooster Weight For The 2013 Worlds


We had anounced this week that Caio Terra had signed up as light feather for the 2013 Worlds and was all set to face Guilherme Mendes in a never before seen match up, however Caio Terra released a statement on his facebook:

“Over the course of my career I’ve had many great matches with Bruno Malfacine. This past pans I came out the victor and decided that It was time to take on a new challenge, and the possibility of facing another great champion in Gui Mendes. Despite eating lots of pizza, and trying everything i could to gain weight after training I weighed 127 lbs
So after talking with the team and my trainer, I have decided to stay at rooster, Bruno lets put on a show, it’ll be an honor to fight you one last time!”

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