Demetrious Johnson “Down To Grapple With Mikey Musumeci”

Demetrious Johnson “Down To Grapple With Mikey Musumeci”

Mikey Musumeci put on a spectacular ONE Championship submission grappling performance, winning via unanimous decision against Gantumur Bayanduuren.

During the post-fight interview, he reiterated that the one match he would like to have in the future is against Demetrious “The Mighty Mouse” Johnson:

Definitely “Mighty Mouse” in the future and hopefully on [a] U.S. card.

And, well, Johnson is more than interested in the match! But he is still cautious about it, for one simple reason – his own legs:

Yeah, I’m probably down to grapple with Mikey Musumeci. I mean, he’s a wizard. I think with me, we’d grapple before we even grappled in the circle.
I told him, I was like: “Dude, once you grab my legs, I’m tapping because I am not going to play that game and test my flexibility.”

In other words, Johnson isn’t going to risk damage to his knees and he isn’t going to hold off tapping out. He’s going to be proactive about it:

I’ve had tears in my LCL and MCL before just fighting in mixed martial arts because my knees are pretty tight.

So yeah, I’m totally down to do that. But I’m going to tap extremely fast. I don’t have the resilience that Gantumur has with my knees.


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