Debt-Ridden BJJ Instructor Who Owed Rener Gracie $10,000 Goes Missing

Debt-Ridden BJJ Instructor Who Owed Rener Gracie $10,000 Goes Missing

Chris Robinson, a BJJ and Karate black belt instructor has been reported as missing since Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

He is a 46 years old, white male, about 5’10” tall, 180 lbs. He has short, light brown hair.

Anyone with information should call South Simcoe Police Service at 905-775-3311, 705-436-2141 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS).

Robinson was in the news last year when Rener Gracie of the famous Gracie Academy and Gracie University released a statement and video where he accused Chris Robinson of not paying him the agreed 10,000$ for 4 seminars that he conducted together with Brian Ortega.

Rener Gracie stated:

WE GOT JACKED for OVER $10,000!

A public service video about a Chris Robinson, a Jiu-jitsu black belt instructor that should be avoided!

If Chris ends up doing the right thing, I’ll be sure let you guys know. Until then, please share this to help prevent potential students and black belt professors from falling victim.


Robinson saw Rener’s claim and responded that it had been solved but Rener denied this:

Rener Gracie then told Robinson that if he wasn’t paid the agreed amount by January 1, 2018, he would release a video detailing the whole experience.

This was not the only case of theft coming from Robinson. According to Yorkregion.com, Robinson also had many pending cases of fraud and eventually had to close down his karate school as a result:

Parham Gohari won a court case against Robinson in small claims court.

Gohari, a business consultant, agreed to speak to Robinson about his plan to expand his business. Although Gohari said no to investing in Robinson’s “amateur” business plan, he did give feedback and agreed to lend him $30,000 for “working capital”.

Gohari hired a lawyer and has since won a court case for $25,000 including legal fees in small claims court. Gohari said there has been a lien put on Robinson’s house on Barrow Avenue in Bradford.

Double charging his students:


Elizabeth Gerecke, a Newmarket mother of two, who works at York Region Media Group, noticed discrepancies on her credit card statements.

After years of positive experiences, during which her son Tyler received his black belt at Robinson’s Karate, she one day found that $200 had been mistakenly charged to her credit card.

“That was a huge amount for us, (Robinson) said they’d accidentally charged us for the full year and apologized,” Gerecke said. “But then the following month (another approximately $1,000 was taken). Then he stopped returning our phone calls.”


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