De La Riva Female Students Accuse the Team of ‘Machismo’ After Being Kicked Out; Academy Responds with ‘Misunderstanding’

De La Riva Female Students Accuse the Team of ‘Machismo’ After Being Kicked Out; Academy Responds with ‘Misunderstanding’

Back in April, news broke out of BJJ world champion Claudia Doval accusing her former instructor, BJJ legend Ricardo De La Riva of sexual abuse. This is what caused here to leave the De La Riva team 2 years ago.

Claudia Doval reached out to BJJEE after her statement was released, and said that she was genuinely scared for her life as a result of this revelation:

“It took every inch of courage for me to speak the truth also that his most loyal students are enraged and I’m actually afraid they might hurt me.”

Full story:

Claudia Doval Accuses Former Instructor Ricardo De La Riva of Sexual Abuse

De La Riva quickly replied to Doval accusations by simply denying them.


A new controversy happened this morning. Women who trained at the De La Riva academy claim that they were “expelled” for no reason and informed only that there would be no continuity of mixed classes (Gi and No Gi).

De La Riva Blue belt Magali Ferreira Gomes decided to post about this on Instagram and made an outburst by making the case public. In conversation with TATAME, she said that the academy’s announcement came through a meeting on the Zoom platform and, later, in a message via WhatsApp ( which you can check below ).

“We were notified by a meeting at Zoom. I was not at the meeting. Afterwards, we were notified by a text message on WhatsApp. In this way, we were notified that there would be no more female classes or mixed classes ”, said Magali, who had been training at the academy for a year and seven months.

Here is his message translated from Portuguese:

“Dear good afternoon

As was already communicated through Zoom at the meeting on 06/26, we inform that there will be no mixed classes (jiu-jitsu and no-gi). If there is a possibility in the future, exclusively female classes will be opened. If you have values ​​to receive, please contact us through this phone as of 06/29 for the settlement to be made.

Ricardo de la Riva”

The message was leaked by some of his female students who were infuriated:


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A mensagem que foi passada!

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Reaction by one of his female students:


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A translation of @meggy_gomes’s powerful statement. 🖤 Via @jiujitsuantifascista

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De La Riva black belt Sabrina Savi, on the other hand, cited the team’s lack of clarification when informing the decision to end mixed classes: “It was a cold WhatsApp message, strictly commercial, without any justification. The message did not mention that they would be available for further clarification, but only for me to seek reimbursement of what I had already paid for classes that I would no longer have available ”.

Altogether, there were about 15 women who were part of the team of students of the team De La Riva in Copacabana. The athletes told the report that they were always treated with “respect” inside the gym, but blue belt Magali claimed that this was a case of “extreme machismo”.

TATAME sought out Ana Beatriz Mountary Pimenta, a lawyer for the De La Riva team who issued a statement saying that it was all a misunderstanding:

Check out the official note from the De La Riva team in full:

“We reiterate that mixed-sex classes have not been prohibited. And that what is new in the academy’s and class format is nothing more than projects that seek to improve all students. In this current phase of non-contact training sessions, we will try to group together the maximum number of women in a single class so that we may provide specific exercises directed to each biotype.
The objective is to stimulate the female public to participate in the sport and be part of the team, aggregating both expertise and experience, in a safe and respectful environment.’
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