Davi Ramos, Last Minute Replacement In Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix


Source: Copapodio.com

After winning the Nitrix Championship, an MMA event held in São Paulo last week, Davi Ramos has accepted the challenge of entering the fight for the Grand Prix title, according the Jeferson Maycá, director of Copa Podio:

“Davi was previously invited to participate in the GP, but he was focused on his MMA fight at that time and so had not closed a deal with us. Now, with his mission complete, he has decided to take on this test with the approval of his coach, Ramon Lemos”.

The Rio de Janeiro native, from Atos Team, took third place in the Middleweight GP in the first season of the Copa Podio.

The event will be broadcast live online as from 12:30 pm (Los Angeles), with commentary by Marco de Vargas, as well as Raphael Abi-Rihan and Dennis Asche, in Portuguese and English, respectively.

The pay-per-view accesses is already available via the official event website www.copapodio.com.

Purchase the livestream of the Copa Podio on Sunday, September 8: www.copapodio.com

City Challenge(No time limit to submission) – 1:00 pm (LA) Manaus

(Diego Borges) x San Diego (Clark Gracie)


ROUND 1 GP – 2:00 PM (LA)

Verde Renato Cardoso x Travis Stevens

Verde Paulo Miyao x Manuel Diaz

Amarelo Felipe Preguiça x Alexandro Ceconi

Amarelo Diogo Moreno x Davi Ramos


ROUND 2 GP – 2:35 pm (LA)

Verde Paulo Miyao x Jaime Canuto

Verde Manuel Diaz x Travis Stevens

Amarelo Diogo Moreno x Kit Dale

Amarelo Alexandro Ceconi x Davi Ramos


ROUND 3 GP – 3:10 pm (LA)

Verde Manuel Diaz x Renato Cardoso

Verde Travis Stevens x Jaime Canuto

Amarelo Davi Ramos x Felipe Preguiça

Amarelo Alexandro Ceconi x Kit Dale


ROUND 4 GP – 3:45 pm (LA)

Verde Travis Stevens x Paulo Miyao

Verde Jaime Canuto x Renato Cardoso

Amarelo Alexandro Ceconi x Diogo Moreno

Amarelo Kit Dale x Felipe Preguiça


ROUND 5 GP – 4:20 pm (LA)

Verde Jaime Canuto x Manuel Diaz

Verde Renato Cardoso x Paulo Miyao

Amarelo Kit Dale x Davi Ramos

Amarelo Felipe Preguiça x Diogo Moreno



Leandro Lo x Cláudio Calasans