Danielle Kelly Explains How To Know When (Not) To Tap Out

Danielle Kelly Explains How To Know When (Not) To Tap Out

Last year’s bout between Mikey Musumeci and Gantumur Bayanduuren has shown what can happen when you don’t tap out to a submission…
Especially if it’s a Leg Lock, as Bayanduuren suffered several torn ligaments in his knee and a broken ankle.

But when should you tap out – and when should you just keep attempting to escape? It’s important to know when it’s the right time for each.
Danielle Kelly shared her thoughts, based on Musumeci’s match:

I think you have to know your own body. Maybe some things kind of pop and it’s pretty minor if you know you can walk after, like a week it’s gonna be sore, but you can walk after that week and train.

But I guess like, once he [Musumeci] had that reverse grip from the Inside Heel Hook, that looked pretty painful. It looked like he [Bayanduuren] didn’t know how to defend a Leg Lock.

She added that it’s very important to get to know yourself and the techniques in training:

I tell my students all the time, like – everyone’s going to try to do Leg Locks.
You need to put yourself in bad positions and be very comfortable to tap or be comfortable getting yourself trying to defend your heel, defend your ankle, get into positions to escape your knee line. I stress that now.

You just don’t want to be in that position where your leg is literally getting broken off.

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