Danaher Presents His Leglock System in Detailed Diagram

Danaher Presents His Leglock System in Detailed Diagram

Last week, John Danaher made a surprising announcement: He has started filming a new instructional series with the leading website BJJ Fanatics, who feature quality instructionals from Tom DeBlass, Craig Jones, Dean Lister, Bernardo Faria and many more….(Type in the code ‘BJJEE” and you will receive a 10% discount on your purchases).

Danaher is a man of many talents, certainly the biggest coaching world class grappling (Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan, Eddie Cummings, Travis Stevens etc..) and mma talent (Georges St-Pierre, Chris Weidman Tom DeBlass, etc..)

Danaher has been known to be very secretive about his system but now has decided to share it with the world. He has already started filming and will feature his leg locks and back attack system.

The news provoked excitement amongst Grappling fans and many were eager to purchase the instructional. With the enthusiasm from announcement, Danaher felt the need to further explain himself as to what motivated to share his system.

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He presented his complex leg lock system on social media:

“The leg lock system instructional: There are many different ways to present my approach to leg locking to students. Initially I thought it best to do so in a simple and brief introduction video – show some important moves and counter moves, in the standard format for jiu jitsu instructionals. The more I thought about, the less happy I was with that idea. That was not how I taught my own students.

I got so many requests over the last few years to go and teach in many locations, also many visitors here in NYC asked for instruction – but I am one person with some rather serious physical issues and can’t reach many more people – so I thought about teaching a video that would be quite different from the norm- a video where I went in much greater depth using my preferred style of teaching, the scenario/problem/solutions model that I use with my own students. This is a difficult thing to present on video and puts much greater demands on the viewer than regular videos, where the viewer just passively watches some moves and seeks to copy them.

Here, I am looking to present a complete working method for leg locking and give the viewer UNDERSTANDING rather than mimicry. My proudest achievement as a coach is to have produced students who were independent, innovative problems solvers who can teach as well as they compete – I don’t want to produce robots. My goal is to do the same with you. The simplest way to state the structure of my system is as follows. It consists of six essential and sequential skills, manifested in three distinct yet linked sub systems, each of which presents at least one central problem along with subsequent problems as the system unfolds; and is given its character by around ten core principles/axioms.

This is the way I taught my students and they rapidly became the best leg lockers in the world. It did not create just one good leg specialist, but a ROOMFUL of them, across all weight divisions and body types. If you can invest time, patience and study into it, I believe it can work for you to. LEG LOCKS: ENTER THE SYSTEM will be released soon by BJJ Fanatics.”