Dana White Says Donald Trump Is “The Greatest Fighter Of All Time”

Dana White Says Donald Trump Is “The Greatest Fighter Of All Time”

It’s no secret that UFC President Dana White has always been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.

Recently, White took the opportunity to heap even more praise on the former president – emphasizing Trump’s significant impact on mixed martial arts (MMA).

Trump has played a crucial role in the rise of the sport, especially in its early days.
At 77 years old, he is still a frequent presence at major UFC events.

And, well, White has never shied away from expressing his support for Trump – even during controversial times.
White lauded Trump in a recent interview:

Number one. Number one.
Take any of the greatest fighters of all time, Trump is number one.

Why keep doing this, you know? You’ve got money, you’ve got a great life, you’ve got whatever.
Why keep doing this [pushing oneself].

White believes the answer lies in Trump’s genuine love for the United States and its people:

The one thing I can tell you, and this is a fact, this guy loves this country, right.
And he loves all Americans, regardless of what color, religion, or whatever it is.

He’s not a racist, he’s a good human being, and he loves America and he cares about this country.
Period. End of story.

If he wasn’t that type of guy, I would never even associate myself with him.