Dana White Claims UFC Doesn’t Have Monopoly: “We’re Simply The Best”

Dana White Claims UFC Doesn’t Have Monopoly: “We’re Simply The Best”

UFC President Dana White has long faced criticism from fighters and industry observers accusing the organization of monopolizing mixed martial arts.

Despite dominating the global MMA landscape for over two decades, the UFC has faced allegations of restrictive non-compete clauses for fighters and a significantly low revenue share compared to other major sports leagues like the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL.

In a recent interview with FOX News, White reiterated his stance on the issue – asserting that the UFC is not a monopoly but simply the best in the business:

People have called us a monopoly and all this stuff for years.
We’re just the best. We’re the best at what we do.

There’s no barrier to entry. Anybody can get into this.
You could start a league tomorrow and pay the guys whatever you want.

White continued to explain that, for him, it comes down to the competitive drive – which the UFC has more of:

A lot of smart, talented, big business moguls have gotten into this sport and tried to compete with me and they couldn’t do it.

You have to have that competitive spirit.
You have to want to compete.


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