Cyborg Submits Former Professional Boxer 33 Times In A 6-Minute BJJ Round

Cyborg Submits Former Professional Boxer 33 Times In A 6-Minute BJJ Round

Tony Jeffries is an Olympic Bronze medalist & former undefeated professional boxer.
He is one of the best-known names in boxing, and not just because of his amateur and professional competition accomplishments – but also because of his influence in the online boxing community!

His YouTube channel provides great skill and mindset insights for beginners and advanced athletes alike. He also uses it to share his various endeavors…
Such as his love for Jiu-Jitsu!

Jeffries has been training BJJ for around a year now and is a two-stripe white belt.
He recently met Cyborg, the legendary Jiu-Jitsu competitor, and asked him what the secret to BJJ success is.

Cyborg answered:

Hard work and passion. I believe that that’s the secret to success in anything we do… Whenever we find something we love, something we’re extremely passionate about, and we donate ourselves to it just because of the inclination to do it… It [success] is gonna happen.

And then, after some techniques training, the two had a friendly roll…
With Cyborg submitting Jeffries for a total of 33 times in 6 minutes!

Cyborg was more than appreciative of Jeffries’ mindset:

What I find super awesome is that a guy of your level, of your expertise, such a legend as yourself… Has put himself in a position he’s put himself into.

So I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the guys just like you, it’s truly wonderful to work with you, to have you come into the gym.

And Jeffries emphasized the awesomeness of BJJ:

I believe Jiu-Jitsu can change lives, more than anything else.
It’s definitely changed my life, changed my daughter’s life, so thank you. I appreciate it.