Cyborg Justifies His Slapping DQ Against Gordon Ryan: ‘I Was Teaching This Kid Respect’

Cyborg Justifies His Slapping DQ Against Gordon Ryan: ‘I Was Teaching This Kid Respect’

Roberto Cyborg Abreu isn’t having the easiest time after getting a silver medal at Nogi Worlds. The seasoned ace has been mocked relentlessly online. But did he deserve it? To rewind it started with this post:


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Hey guys…. stay the fuck home.

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Cyborg wasn’t a fan of Gordon’s approach:


But things quickly escalated from there once the two actually faced off and Cyborg was DQ’d for for some over aggressive collar ties that looked much more like slaps:

Cyborg answered the backlash first with an instagram post where he seemed to apologize:

After having a great run to the Worlds finals I Got DQ for exaggerating a bit on my Collar Ties. Gordon is a great competitor and I congratulate him on his W. I apologize to everyone, in special to my fans and supporters for the result. Gordon has been Running his mouth for a while and I went a bit far during the fight. Well I apologize. It’s not a part of what I represent. Anyways, mistakes are a part of the journey. Life goes on!

After a few days of reflection, he went further into explaining his actions in a statement he made to Flograppling:


In the weeks leading up to the fight I saw how Gordon systematically disrespected not only myself but all of his opponents, attempting to mock and belittle us with his words. Initially, I took his trash talking as nothing more than that, just words. 

However, as things progressed and his comments escalated, I began reflecting on the concept of respect. What it means to be respectful and how its a value worth defending.

In my 20 years competing I have faced the toughest of opponents and best in the world and NEVER have I disrespected any of them on or off the mats.  I have displayed nothing but good character and human decency throughout my career.

I understand respect as a two-way street. You need to give it in order to receive it. 

Gordon is one of the best competitors on the mat. I have acknowledged that since he came into the scene.

However, #Respect in our sport and in life is not given but earned.

He apologized for his actions, however he justified them by saying that by slapping him, he wanted to teach this kid about respect:


I wasn’t only thinking of winning a match but rather teaching this kid the importance of respecting others in order to receive respect.

I failed to win the match yes, and some of you may disagree with my actions, but now you know where I was coming from and what I stand for.  And that is what is most important to me. 

Long live the real kings who have respect and true values on and off the mats.



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