Craig Jones: “The Gi Is Dead… No One Gives A F*ck About It”

Craig Jones: “The Gi Is Dead… No One Gives A F*ck About It”

The rise of no-gi Jiu-Jitsu is obvious… But what does it mean for the gi?
Well, Craig Jones thinks that the gi is done for.

Namely, when the Club Good Podcast host asked him whether or not Jiu-Jitsu in the gi – as a spectators’ sports – is in the past… Jones confirmed, mentioning an example he received from FloGrappling:

It’s dead, for sure. It’s long dead.

I think… They told me at FloGrappling that, like, the black belt Worlds’ finals in the gi got less viewers than, like, the opening prelim of the WNO [Who’s Number One].

And it’s not just that there isn’t any interest from the spectators, but it’s also about the competitors themselves – who, despite winning something like the World Championships in the gi, can’t use it as a leverage for making an additional income stream:

Yeah, the gi is dead… It’s not even hard to win [in gi Worlds] anymore.
The problem is, like… At least five years ago, winning it was like: “Holy sh*t!” But now, no one gives a fu*k [about it].

I mean, it’s crazy; world champion black belts still can’t sell a seminar.

In the same podcast episode, Jones also explained that Gordon Ryan is not really athletic, but that it’s all about the technique for him:

It’s tough to go against Gordon in a no-time limit [match]. I think that his style is very well suited for no-time limit, because he’s not really an athletic guy – it’s all just technique.

Your best chance to beat him is over a shorter match.

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