Craig Jones Says He Reached Out To Dillon Danis For CJI

Craig Jones Says He Reached Out To Dillon Danis For CJI

Craig Jones is working hard on expanding and turning the Craig Jones Invitational (CJI) into the best submission grappling tournament in the world…
And he is doing some things that others might not have thought he would.

For example – he reached out to none other than Dillon Danis!

He explained what happened during an interview with Ariel Helwani:

I messaged him, I emailed his manager, but I haven’t heard anything. Nothing…

He messaged me something about it: “Let me invest and we make it the Dillon Danis DDCC.”
He wants in though I guess. I said: “Let’s have a call”, but no response.

Jones had nothing but good words to say about Danis:

It’d be cool to have Dillon. He did do good at ADCC against Gordon (Ryan).
At brown belt he was really, really good.

First year of black belt really good and then he became really good at having a good time, which I respect as well.

If he wants to be in, he can be in.
We’re not changing the name though!

He also mentioned that getting Danis into the tournament might be difficult, because he earns more through his work as an influencer than by competing:

If a tournament like this had existed early in his career, he might not have felt the need to not compete.

It’s crazy to think there’s potentially more money just not competing, doing other things.