Craig Jones Breaks Seminar Attendee’s Leg For Rolling Hard: “I Don’t Give A F*ck Bro”

Craig Jones Breaks Seminar Attendee’s Leg For Rolling Hard: “I Don’t Give A F*ck Bro”

Imagine doing a seminar for free, as an elite athlete…
Only for the seminar attendees to try to rip your head off during the roll.

Well, that’s exactly what has happened to Craig Jones.
While in Odessa, Ukraine, he held a charity seminar – and apparently, the attendees didn’t want to learn.

They just wanted to roll:

I come to a war zone to teach for free – at my own expense – and you go “let’s just roll”.

He [coach] literally said: “Craig is gonna roll. Relax. It’s not a competition, you’ve got nothing to prove… He just had someone roll hard with him in Romania and broke his leg.”

Nevertheless, one seminar attendee immediately said: “Go, let’s go!” And went to roll hard with Craig immediately off the get-go.
Which is when Craig had enough of it:

He breaks my grip with his knee and dives on my neck…

And I’m just, like: “Oh that’s it. You’re going to f*cking be injured now. Okay, you wanna do that… Bro, I will permanently injure you and you’ll be stuck in your shi**y office job, thinking about the time you almost got me.”

Sure enough, he made it happen.
But he is stressed out and angry about people doing the sort of stuff to him at seminars:

I can’t handle it, I can’t handle it anymore. The seminars might be over.

I rolled with 7 people… And they were all spaz r*tards.
And after 7 rounds, I was like: “That’s it guys, I’m done. I’ just rolled, I’m too tired. You guys can dictate how many rounds that is.”

And then they were saying something about their young prodigy who won ADCC tournament, and they’re like: “Oh, you’ve got to roll with him!”

And I’m, like, I don’t give a f*ck bro…
I just ended the seminar early and left.

Watch the roll at about the 07:58 mark on the video below:

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