Craig Jones Announces “BJJ Social Skills” Instructional

Craig Jones Announces “BJJ Social Skills” Instructional

Sure, you’re good in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when it comes to techniques… And you’re great when it comes to getting all available instructionals out there. But how good are you when it comes to your Jiu-Jitsu social skills? For example, do you say “oss” all the time? Do you grunt when you roll? Or, oh no… Do you talk when rolling with an another person?
Well then, Craig Jones has announced just the right instructional for you! “BJJ Social Skills” will get your on-the-mats behavior to a whole new level.

This instructional consists out of three volumes. Volume one features following principles and techniques:

  • Don’t say “oss” you’re a 45 year old white man.
  • 4 layer rule. Never wear just spats, minimum 4 layers between your pe*is and another man’s pe*is.
  • None of the students/coach want to hear your perspective on a technique. You are horrible at Jiu Jitsu.
  • No grunting during a roll, we’re not making love.

Volume 2:

  • Never ever start a conversation during a roll. Nobody cares what you did today. Not even your wife.
  • If you sit out a round just go straight home, don’t say goodbye, don’t even use the shower. The shower isn’t for people like you.


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Of course, Craig’s “announcement” is a joke. But volume one does have some useful tips.

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