Craig Jones Announces $50,000 Prize For Best Submission At CJI

Craig Jones Announces $50,000 Prize For Best Submission At CJI

In a recent conversation with Ffion Davies, Craig Jones revealed an exciting development for the upcoming Craig Jones Invitational (CJI) tournament…
As there will be a substantial $50,000 prize awarded for the best submission of the tournament!

The CJI has already generated significant attention by attracting top-tier athletes – including the Ruotolo brothers – away from ADCC, with its unprecedented $1 million total prize purse.

And now, Jones disclosed that there’ll be an additional $50,000 prize for the best submission:

Actually, I think we did just secure a sponsor… I can’t say [whom].
But best sub of the day, best sub of the event will get 50k.

He thought that the public would be less receptive to enormous prizes that he started announcing.
But most of it were words of support:

I was kind of impulsive with it. I didn’t really think ADCC would care that much.
But I thought it could generate some good hype.

There was actually way less backlash than I expected.
A lot of people were really supportive and into the idea of an outrageous prize like that.

Therefore, the substantial $50,000 award is expected to motivate competitors to deliver exceptional performances and aim for highlight-reel submissions.

With athletes such as the Ruotolo brothers set to compete, fans can anticipate witnessing some of the most spectacular submission attempts.