Craig Jones: “ADCC 2022… It’s Now Or Never”

Craig Jones: “ADCC 2022… It’s Now Or Never”

Craig Jones is one of the most exciting grapplers out there. Always putting on a show with his unique personality and outstanding skillset, entertaining the crowds… But this year’s ADCC might be the one he’ll do that for the last time.
In an interview for Grapple Culture, he explained the mindset he went with into ADCC 2017:

To be honest, with ADCC 2017, I went into it dead-broke.

I was your typical Jiu-Jitsu guy, making zero dollars… I was teaching 4 to 5 6am classes in Lachlan Giles’ gym, living in a shi*ty appartment. And I was kind of, honestly, getting over it at that point.
So, I put a lot into ADCC 2017 and said: “It’s now or never.” Like, I have a chance to make a splash now – or I can look to open an academy, make more of a stable income and improve the quality of my life.

So, it was kind of a “now or never” moment.

Considering his age, Jones has a similar mindset going into ADCC 2022:

I’m 31 now, but obviously age plays a factor… Some guys can compete until they’re 40. Obviously, like Cyborg, Vagner…
I don’t think I will be that guy. I don’t think I’ll want to inflict that much punishment on my body.

But I look at this one almost like – you never know when it could be your last one [competition]. At my age, I look at this one as another “now or never” moment.