Claudia Gadelha On Why Americans Have A Hard Time Flow Rolling

Claudia Gadelha On Why Americans Have A Hard Time Flow Rolling

For grapplers, rolling in BJJ or randori in Judo is used to develop one’s techniques. The problem is that in many cases, rolling often turns out to be less constructive. That is why flow rolling is encouraged.

A flow roll is less competitive, and is more of a give and take between the two training partners. The pace is usually slower, and much more flowing with very little resistance.

The main goal is to learn at a controlled pace.

If you use the often, flow rolls will become a powerful tool that will surely improve your grappling game.

Anatomy of a Fighter had a chance to talk to the beautiful and talented Claudia Gadelha about BJJ over the last couple days and one thing that was interesting was the FLOW rolling aspect of BJJ and what that meant. Here she explains how in her opinion, Americans have a hard time to embrace flow rolling…

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