Caio Terra’s Emotional Black Belt Promotion Story: “I Was In The Second Place…”

Caio Terra’s Emotional Black Belt Promotion Story: “I Was In The Second Place…”

Earning your black belt in BJJ is the first step on a new journey. The exciting beginning of a new, lifelong beginning.

However, Caio Terra wasn’t too ecstatic about his black belt promotion.
He got promoted by his coach when he took second place in a tournament, and he was confused by it:

When I looked down, there was a black belt on my waist.

And I was in the second place and I really didn’t want to get a black belt when I lost, you know? Because I won everything…

And it was when I finally lost when he promoted me.

Caio wanted an explanation from his coach:

And I asked him: “Why would you promote me when I lost? I had all these happy days and you just motivated me to train. So then to promote me when I lost…”

And he told me: “I never trained you to be a champion. You’re a champion because you dedicated yourself to it. I trained you to change people’s life, like Jiu-Jitsu changed yours.

I am promoting you to black belt because your Jiu-Jitsu has helped so many people at the gym. It’s time for you to change people too.”

That is to say, his coach promoted him to black belt because he saw that it was time for Caio to take a bigger step in his coaching career:

And if I promoted you in one of the days that you won, you would just think that you’re getting promoted because you’re a champion.
And I wanted you to see that I’m promoting you because it’s now time for you to become a teacher.

If you’re going to be a champion one day, great. But you have to pass the right message to others.


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