Caio Terra Set To Compete At Light feather @ 2013 Worlds & Face Gui Mendes.


Caio Terra will be present once again at Long Beach for the World Championships on May 29. Due to a hectic seminar schedule, he is still not sure about which weight class he will be competing at. If he comes in overweight, he will be in light feather with such beasts as division king Guilherme Mendes, Ary Farias, Learcio Fernandes etc..If he is able to cut to his normal rooster class, he will once again face his nemesis Bruno Malfacine. Last friday he jokingly posted his current weight status on his facebook page:

“Not joking but for Pan Ams I tried a new diet and with the help of Versa Climber + Camp Training I was able to lose almost 7 lb in 1 week. I went from a little under 130 lbs all the way to 123 lbs.Here is what I did:

As much water as you need, of course.
*1 liter of coconut water – to keep myself hydrated.
*700ml of a cola drink – For Caffeine + sugar.
*The little box of Swedish Fish – Quick Energy before training.
*Medium size kit kat – happiness purposes.
*3 slices of pizza (2 for lunch and 1 for dinner).

This diet has about 1700 calories but makes you not so grumpy.”

More seriously, to Graciemag, he talked about his current situation:

“GRACIEMAG: You enrolled as a light featherweight. What was the main reason for this change in weight for the Worlds?

CAIO TERRA: I just got back from Asia, where I had a tour of seminars since March. On Sunday of the Pan, I ran out of the venue so I wouldn’t miss my flight (laughs). In fact, I’ll only really know how I’m feeling for the Worlds in a week. The time zone is still complicated, and I didn’t train a lot because I was traveling almost every day and teaching seminars; that’s the reason why I put on weight. I still don’t know if I’m fighting as a light feather, what I know is that I won’t get on a diet. If I lose weight naturally, which is not as likely, I’ll go to rooster weight. But we are less than 20 days from the Worlds, I don’t know if I can make it. Anyway, I am very motivated to fight as a light feather again.

This is a category with a monster, Guilherme Mendes, triple world champion (2009/11/12). How would you stop him?

Guilherme is good on top and bottom, a very complete athlete that has to be respected. But before fighting him, I need to fight several other very good guys. I just hope I have a good performance because if that happens I’m sure I’ll get a good result.

If you lose weight and really go to the rooster category, have you thought of something special for a possible reunion with Bruno Malfacine, the current champion of the division?

I will count on the help of Augusto Tanquinho in training. I’m glad to have Tanquinho because he may be the guy with a game more like Malfacine’s. I’m hoping Bruno also comes to the heavier category, because it will make it the toughest light feather division of all time and the winner would be a great champion. The owner of the gold would be seen as a living legend (laughs)!”

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