Caio Terra Completes His European Tour With Another Double Gold At IBJJF Lisbon Open


The 2013 Lisbon International Open took place this Sunday, at the Casal Vistoso gymnasium, in Portugal.

The light-featherweight Caio Terra was the star of the show once again and was able to get the double gold (Weight and Absolute) once again after achieving the same feat the weekend befor in the European No Gi in Rome.

In the final, he defeated Alliance/ Werdum Combat Team’s Mathias Ribeiro. 

Here is what Caio had to say on his facebook page:

“European tour coming to a close. It was great to spend time with my affiliates and meet so many wonderful people!
These past month have been amazing, last week I won my weight class twice and the absolute in Europeans No-Gi. This weekend I competed at the Lisbon Open and I am taking 2 more gold medals home (weight and absolute). I am very happy (and lucky) to be coming off this tour undefeated but even more happy for all the support and good energy I have been receiving from everyone. So Thank You very much for all the support.
Although I am looking forward to come home, next year IBJJF should do Zurich Open, I have been eating my chocolate that I saved to take it back and sadly it’s almost all gone.”

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