Caio Terra: “Cesar Gracie’s statement came months after he knew about me coaching Carlos Condit.”

Source: BJJ Heroes

For those less familiar with recent events here please refer to : Cesar Gracie vs Caio Terra feud.

Caio Terra is currently one of the most accomplished jiu jitsu black belts in the world with several titles both in the gi and in no gi. In 2007 Caio was invited by Cesar Gracie to come and settle in the US and become Gracie Eltite’s grappling coach, which Terra accepted. Caio Terra worked with Gracie Elite for years, but more recently, he was invited by MMA fighter Carlos Condit to help him prepare for his UFC title shot against George Saint Pierre (UFC 154). Cesar Gracie reacted by publicly firing Caio Terra from Gracie Fighter and also making some condescending remarks.

What kind of a relationship did you have with Cesar Gracie and his team (Diaz brothers, Jake Shields, Melendez and the rest of the crew)?

I respect every one, if they ever needed help or anything I was always willing to help out. Personally I did not know any of them very well. In the past 3 years I’ve seen Cesar maybe 10 times.

How did the opportunity to coach Carlos Condit occur, and why did you decide to take it?

Carlos got a hold of me and asked me to come to New Mexico for a week. At the time I was extremely busy with my own training, my academy and seminars, I hesitated at first but they said it was only a week and there were no obligations. Apparently during that week they really liked me and asked me to come back. For me it was a great week as I got a chance to really talk and get to know Carlos. Whether some one is a good fighter or good jiu jitsu person isn’t that important, what really matters is if they’re good people and Carlos is a phenomenal person! It was both an honour and a pleasure to work with him, I only wish he won the fight as I believe he has all the tools to be the champ.

Were you expecting this reaction from Cesar Gracie after you accepted this role as grappling coach of Condit?

Before I accepted to help I talked with Cesar, at first he wasn’t very nice about it and did not want me to go. After I talked with him about it more he said he was joking around and it was OK I wasn’t quite sure what changed his mind. As for his public reaction it came months after he knew and the day before the event, unfortunately, especially for my students at CSA, he does not want me to help with Gracie Fighter or be affiliated in any way.

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