Buchecha Takes Top Place in Jiu-Jitsu Ranking; Gabi Isolates Herself In The Lead


Champion Pan American Jiu-Jitsu in last weekend, earning gold medals in weight and absolute by beating Alexander Trans and Andre Galvao in his finals black belt, Marcus Buchecha assumed the leadership of the IBJJF ranks.

Bernardo Faria, who was in first place, was also overtaken by Leo Nogueira, Pan champion in his category. The Top 5 also includes with Rodolfo Vieira, absent in Pan this year, and Caio Terra, who beat Bruno Malfacine last Sunday.

Among women, Gabi Garcia reign continues. Weight and absolute champion of Pan American, the beast of the Alliance is more than 300 points ahead of her first runner-up and teammate Luanna Alzuguir. Michelle Nicolini, Luiza Monteiro and Marina complete the Top 5.

Check out the full lists below:


One. Marcus Buchecha (766.5 points)
2. Leonardo Nogueira (705.5 points)
3. Bernardo Faria (622.5 points)
4. Rodolfo Vieira (553.5 points)
5. Caio Terra (438 points)
6. Rafael Mendes (427 points)
7. Guilherme Mendes (383 points)
8. Romulo Barral (357 points)
9. Bruno Malfacine (348 points)
10. Claudio Calasans (330 points)


One. Gabrielle Garcia (1066.5 points)
2. Luanna Alzuguir (732 points)
3. Michelle Nicolini (652.5 points)
4. Luiza Monteiro (447 points)
5. Marina Ribeiro (348 points)
6. Beatriz Mesquita (327 points)
7. Talita Treta (284 points)
8. Fernanda Mazzelli (263.5 points)
9. Vanessa Oliveira (221.5 points)
10. Leticia Ribeiro (193 points)