Buchecha Open To Competing In Submission Grappling Again – At ONE Championship

Buchecha Open To Competing In Submission Grappling Again – At ONE Championship

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is one of the most successful BJJ athletes in the history of the sport.
Lately though, he’s been focused on growing his MMA career in phenomenal fashion – as he has won four fights in a row since his ONE Championship debut in 2021.

Nevertheless, Buchecha is open to competing in submission grappling again. He said that he’d like to do it at ONE Championship one day:

Every fight I watch makes me more excited to one day fight in ONE’s Submission Grappling division.

So which weightclass would he enter? Almeida explains:

An openweight of submission grappling is something that makes a lot of sense.

I’m a guy who’s always been into fighting at weight and openweight, and I’ve always liked the openweight concept, with the chance for champions from other divisions to face each other.

The absolute champion is the best of the year. I’ve always been a fan since I started training more than 20 years ago.

And there’s more than a good chance that Buchecha would be successful at it yet again… After all, he lives and trains by the code of discipline:

I think that discipline is the key for anything in life. Not just in this sport, but anything in life.
If you don’t give yourself, like, 100% of yourself in anything that you do… You’re not going to get the results that you’re expecting.

So, I think that everything starts with this discipline. Since when you wake up, when you open up your eyes… On the bed, when you go to sleep…
So, [in] everything you have to have discipline. And it’s going to reflect at the end of the day, in your results. So, I think that’s the key.


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