Bruno Malfacine and Lucas Lepri Close In Absolute @IBJJF Atlanta Open


Photo: IBJJF

Photo: IBJJF

Alliance team mates Bruno Malfacine , five times world champion at rooster weight and Lucas Lepri, world lightweight champion, closed in the black belt absolute final of the IBJJF Atlanta Open , held in Georgia, in the United States. Third place was Oliver Leys Geddes, from Roger Gracie Academy, and Guybson Costa e Sá, from SAS Team USA.

The two local teams, Alliance and Roberto Traven JJ, dominated the event last Saturday (31). In team competition, Traven took first place with 485 points, and second, Alliance, with 467 points, and Gracie Barra, with 186, was ranked third.

Lepri secured the gold and Malfacine got silver.

Here are the results for the adult black belt division:

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light Feather
First – Bruno da Silva Malfacine – Alliance
Second – Kail Bosque – Vicente Jr. Team
Third – Chad Michael Washburn – TAC Team BJJ
Third – Derek Bahram Kaivani – Alliance

BLACK / Adult / Male / Feather
First – Pablo da Silva Santos – Gracie Barra
Second – Gustavo Ernesto Carpio Caceres – Marra Senki
Third – Paul A Minore Jr. – Renzo Gracie Academy
Third – Wesley Davi de Oliveira Fe – Alliance

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light
First – Bruno Henrique Amorim – Gracie Barra
Second – Oliver Leys Geddes – Roger Gracie Academy

BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle
First – Vitor Henrique Silva Oliveira – GF Team
Second – Lucas Alves Lepri – Alliance

BLACK / Adult / Male / Medium Heavy
First – Ian McPherson – Alliance

BLACK / Adult / Male / Super Heavy
First – Ronnie Wuest Jr. – Balance
Second – Kaliffa Gonçalves Oliveira – Gracie Barra

BLACK / Adult / Male / Ultra Heavy
First – Guybson Costa e Sá – SAS Team USA

BLACK / Adult / Male / Open Class
First – Lucas Alves Lepri – Alliance
Second – Bruno da Silva Malfacine – Alliance
Third – Oliver Leys Geddes – Roger Gracie Academy
Third – Guybson Costa e Sá – SAS Team USA

For the complete results, go to IBJJF.com