[BREAKING] Victor Hugo Chooses CJI Over ADCC: “Standing Up For What I Believe Is Right”

[BREAKING] Victor Hugo Chooses CJI Over ADCC: “Standing Up For What I Believe Is Right”

It’s official: Victor Hugo has decided to compete at the Craig Jones Invitational (CJI) over ADCC this year!

He appears to have been thinking about it for some time, but has decided it’s time to go for it:

After taking to Craig [Jones] and his team for the past few days to better understand their mission, I decided that I am 100% on board with them and I’m very excited to be part of the first CJI.

Hugo explains that this decision is, in large part, about standing up for what’s right – even more than the financial incentive behind it:

As professional athletes, the least we can ask for is equitable treatment to our peers in the industry, more transparency, and good business practices.
United we are strong and this alone will push the sport in a way never seen before…

For me, this decision is about standing up for what I believe is right.

I’ve been one of the top athletes in this sport for a while and now I believe my name carries enough weight to make a stand that will help us change the future of the sport for the better.
To me, this is about the athletes uniting to advocate for themselves.

Without the athletes you have no sport, without contenders there are no championships.

He adds:

A rising tide raises all ships and I see this tournament as a unique opportunity for grappling to take a major turn to becoming more professional and giving its athletes a better life beyond the mats.


On fair compensation for athletes:

“I like the fact that he’s watching out for the athletes in a way where he’s paying a lot of people that never really got paid show money… for them to be all the way there and all receive nothing to be competing, it’s kind of crazy.”

On fighting for better treatment:

“For us as athletes, as Grapplers to kind of like, you know, coming together and fight for a better treatment… Even as a world champion back in a few years ago I still was driving around doing delivery and trying to rush for, you know, at the end of the month have the full money for pay for things.”

On financial recognition for top athletes:

“If you’re the best in the world you should actually be recognized by it and financially it would be the least right.”



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