Breaking News: Matthew Maldonado & Nicholas Schultz (Team Lloyd Irvin ) Rape Case: “Maldonado Found Not Guilty By Jury.”



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The case of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz, the two male Lloyd Irvin students involved in the alleged New Years Eve rape of a third, female team mate has come to shocking conclusion. The two have been on trial since October 7. According to various internet sources, including Tom Callos, the father of Keenan Cornelius (ex team mate at Team Lloyd Irvin of the two suspects), Maldonado has been found not guilty by the jury.  Maldonado is free on all charges. Schultz still might answer to two minor charges.

Source, Tom Callos facebook account:

Shocker –apparently, the jury, after deliberating, has found, according to an IM from Ayanthi Gunawardana, is that the Jury in Maldonado/Shultz rape trial have found Maldonado NOT GUILTY on all charges. Nick Shultz’ verdict has not yet come thru. The jury calls it like they see it.

From Georgette Oden, who has been following the case very closely on her popular BJJ blog:

Nicholas Schultz was denied release on bond; jury returned verdicts on all counts but two, 1st and 2d degree rape… jury will continue deliberating on those tomorrow morning, per D.C. courts website.

MATTHEW MALDONADO:  Jury came back with verdicts on all but one charge, presumably not guilty, and he was released on personal recognizance bond.  Jury will continue deliberating on second degree sexual abuse tomorrow morning.

NICHOLAS SCHULTZ:  Jury returned verdict on almost all counts.  Presumably acquittal but it doesn’t say for sure.  Still deliberating on a misdemeanor sexual abuse charge and second degree sexual abuse

Bloody Elbow first reported claims from former Irvin students that Lloyd said he paid for Maldonado and Schultz’s defense attorneys back in March:

According to a source, Irvin also recently held a meeting with a portion of his team to discuss his prior rape arrest. “There were eight male team members in the room, and he told us the sex was a ‘train’ and the girl was ‘down’… he then said the next day the girl’s boyfriend found out about the incident and made her report it as rape.” The former student continued, “Lloyd told us he had paid for Matthew Maldonado and Nick Schultz’s lawyer retainer when they initially were arrested. And we were given specific instructions to not to tell anyone he did that.”

A second source also said that Irvin arranged for Maldonado’s and Schultz’s defense, stating, “He hired the lawyers. 100% it’s a fact. I was there at the meeting, I sat in on it, I heard it. 100%. There’s no lies to it, he hired the lawyers.”

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