Braulio Estima: “Rodolfo Vieira Is Humble & A Good Person.”


After the 2013 World, where he closed the weight class with Romulo Barral, Braulio Estima continued one week later with another competition. Metamoris Pro II, was held in California, USA, on Sunday, and the Gracie Barra fighter faced Rodolfo Vieira and ended up losing a judge’s decision 2-1.

Source: Tatame (in Portuguese) : “I thought that I fought well according to what I had to give. I put the strategy to work. I managed to pressure Rodolfo and played with the rules of the game. I was close to placing an inverted triangle from underneath the side mount, but he defended well, “said the three-time World champ.

“At the very end of the fight I rushed a bit and let my arm very exposed and he attacked my arm. I tried to defend by coming on top and my arm already stretched out. I managed to escape and in the end, I attacked his knee. ”

About his fight with Rodolfo, Estima, who now lives in England, said he learned a lot and was pleased with his return. “I learned a lot and am happy to be back. I lacked a bit of grip in my right hand, which was the result of the fight against Andre Galvao at the Worlds. I didn’t have too many options, so could not do much. ”

Braulio's right was swollen and injured

Braulio’s right was swollen and injured

Braulio Estima and Rodolfo Vieira had already faced each other in Abu Dhabi, at the World Pro, at the time the athlete from GFTeam was still a brown belt. Remembering that encounter, the black belt from Gracie Barra said that he wasn’t thinking of revenge. “I never thought about it. It’s been so long … Today Rodolfo is on another level. And the next time we fight, will be another page in the book. I do not hold grudges. Especially a guy like him who is humble and a good person, “he added.