BJJBET 2: Competitors & Exciting Matchups Announced

BJJBET 2: Competitors & Exciting Matchups Announced

On August 1st, the BJJBet 2: Who’s Next” event will take place. The organization announced the athletes of the event, among them being the feared Leg Lock specialist Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares, Leandro Lo, Mica Galvao, and others. It’s set to be a mixed card, where in addition to one-on-one matches there will also be a No Gi Grand Prix, which will grant the champion a prize of $15.000,00.
On Monday, July 19, the promotion confirmed the pairs of the Grand Prix No Gi matches under 88kg. And now the full match-ups are known!




  • Felipe Pena vs. Nicholas Meregali
  • Gabrieli Pessanha vs. Tayane Porfirio
  • Matheus Gabriel vs. Luan Carvalho
  • Jorge Michelan vs. Leo Lara
  • Murilo Amaral vs. Meyram Maquine
  • Matheus Onda vs. Samuel Nagai
  • Duda Tozoni vs. Sayuri Toledo
  • Pedro Machado vs. Caio BBG GP


No Gi Matchups (up to 88kg):

  • Side A: Leandro Lo vs. Rafael Paganini
  • Side A: Rousimar Toquinho vs. William Tackett
  • Side B: Lucas Hulk vs. Servio Tulio Side
  • B: Mica Galvao vs. Mauricio Oliveira

Vagner Rocha was previously replaced by the beast Mauricio Oliveira. These match-ups are certain to be exciting ones (especially the Pena vs. Meregali and the Toquinho vs. Tackett one)! What do you think, how will they develop and result?


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