BJJ World Champion Marcus Buchecha Wins MMA Debut by Submission at One Championship

BJJ World Champion Marcus Buchecha Wins MMA Debut by Submission at One Championship

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is now officially an MMA fighter.

The 13-time BJJ world champion and two-time ADCC gold medalist made his MMA debut in Singapore this Friday morning and fought kickboxing fighter Anderson “Braddock” Silva in a heavyweight fight at ONE Championship: Revolution and won in less than three minutes.

“Buchecha” wasted no time on his feet, he got a knockdown in the first seconds of the game and immediately got the mount. Almeida combined a couple of strikes from the position before moving to lateral control and then north to south, landing his knees on his head. “Buchecha” finally blocked an accelerator from north to south to force Silva to tap out.

Almeida said in his post-fight:

“It’s like a dream coming true. Starting a new sport from zero, something hard, but my life is about challenges. I did everything in jiu-jitsu so I don’t feel I have anything else to prove, so I decided to start a new career in MMA and that was the first step of feeling great, feeling blessed. I’m really thankful.”

“Buchecha” didn’t think the choke was effective and his instructor Leo Vieira told him to keep going:

“He was locking my arm and I heard my coach Leonardo Vieira say ‘wait for the right moment’ and then when I locked the hands together I couldn’t get a good grip,” he said. “Leo said ‘he’s about to tap,’ so it’s now or never. I squeezed as hard as I could and he tapped.

“I didn’t say I would submit him in the first round, I said in the perfect world that would be perfect, a first-round submission, so the perfect world happened for me.”

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