BJJ World Champ AJ Agazarm is The New Bodyguard of Youtube Superstars Logan & Jake Paul

BJJ World Champ AJ Agazarm is The New Bodyguard of Youtube Superstars Logan & Jake Paul

Youtube superstar brothers Logan and Jake Paul have more than 28 million subscribers on the video channel and have been all over the news with the outrageous pranks.

The older brother, Jake Paul ran into some trouble early this year after he posted a youtube video of himself touring the infamous Aokigahara woods in Japan which included him running into a dead body. After being blasted all over social media, Logan later had to apologize.

The brothers grew up in Ohio where the sport of Wrestling is king. They both wrestled intensively in high school.Logan Paul qualified for the state-level Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) 2013 Division I Wrestling Individual Championships.

Read more about their wrestling background:

Youtube Celebrity Logan & Jake Paul Wrestling Matches

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Another popular YouTuber KSI has announced he’s agreed a two-fight amateur boxing deal with fellow vlogger Logan Paul.

We will see the two face off in 2 amateur boxing matches, with the first one at Manchester Arena, UK on 25 August, and the second in the US.

KSI announced it as: “August 25th 2018, this will be the biggest amateur boxing fight ever.”

The Paul brothers have hired No Gi BJJ world champ nd ADCC silver medalist AJ Agazarm as a bodyguard/personal security during their media tour.

Jake Paul & AJ Agazarm on a floor-projection of Deji’s post-fight SKULL X-RAY

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They recently had a big altercation with KSI and his entourage at their latest media show.

You can see the whole altercation with AJ Agazarm jumping in to help out the Paul brothers:

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