BJJ Transfers: Brown Belt World Champ Gianni Grippo Joins Alliance NYC


More BJJ Transfers: Brown belt world champ Gianni Grippo joins Alliance NYC under Marcelo Garcia. He spent his whole career at Renzo’s until now.

His statement regarding the move:

“I’ve been training at Renzo’s for ten years and since I was ten years old, so the decision to leave was definitely one of the hardest decisions I ever made in my life. But now I’m looking forward to the great opportunities I have at Marcelo’s and in the Alliance family, and I can’t wait to compete with my team at the upcoming Pans.”

Gianni Grippo is amongst the best brown belts on the planet. He is a 5 time World Champion and 7 time Pan champion (Yes you’ve read right). Gianni started Jiu-Jitsu at 10 years old as the sole member of Renzo Gracie kid’s program, and started competing  everywhere around the country and also the world. We look forward to seeing Gianni competing as a Black Belt and making an immediate impact in the big boys club.