BJJ Community Furious With Rener Gracie Because Of His “Expert Witness Testimony”

BJJ Community Furious With Rener Gracie Because Of His “Expert Witness Testimony”

The BJJ community is becoming increasingly agitated with Rener Gracie…
Due to his “expert witness testimony” in the Jack Greener case, where Greener was left paralyzed (and is now a quadriplegic) after a freak accident.

Specifically, Greener’s BJJ coach went for a Leo Vieira-style back take.
In the process, the student seems to have turned his head to the side, resulting in a crushed vertebrae.

Greener is now a quadriplegic and the jury recently ruled in his favor, deciding that he is to be awarded $46 million for “compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings, and emotional distress”.

Rener Gracie was called to be an expert witness in the case.
The Gracie posted on social media, sharing his view of what happened:

This case was a tragedy in every sense. 23-year-old white belt, Jack Greener, was sparring at a BJJ school in San Diego when the black belt instructor did a technique that placed his entire bodyweight on Greener’s neck causing him to instantly fall limp and lose all function of his limbs.

I’m also hopeful that this case will serve as a much needed reminder to the entire industry of the massive responsibility we shoulder every time a new student trusts us to guide them on their Jiu-Jitsu journey.


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However, a big part of the BJJ community is now becoming agitated with Rener.
Why? As it’s being reported by many, he’d earned $3000 per hour for the testimony, and – after the video of the incident got released – many are accusing him of twisting the truth about the incident for the sake of profit.

Many notable figures in the sports are criticizing Rener Gracie, such as Tom DeBlass:

I always liked Rener. I even endorsed him. However, for him to testify against this instructor, and make it seem as though it were malicious, makes me sick.

Not everyone in this martial art has multiple sources of income like you and I, Rener. Their Academy is how they eat.
YOUR WORDS made this instructor look terrible.


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Vinicius Draculino was also critical of Rener:

After the video, it was clear that people tried to profit out of this. Thank GOD the kid is getting better. That is the most important.

But Rener lost all my respect. I also liked him and lots of the things he did. But now…

Mo Jassim voiced his opinion as well:

Rener gets paid $3,000 an hour to testify and says this was done with malice intent while promoting his own school.

This sport never ceases to amaze me.