BJJ Brown belt Brendan Schaub Brabo Chokes Out Matt Mitrione In UFC 165



Brendan Schaub took a first step towards redeeming himself to the BJJ community: He submitted Matt Mitrione with a Brabo choke (D’arce) in his UFC fight. The BJJ brown belt under Amal Easton had a lot to prove after the Metamoris 2 shenanigans where he played a weird running game vs Roberto Cyborg Abreu in a Grapling match.

Matt Mitrione vs. Brendan Schaub — Heavyweight bout

“TUF 10 competitors Brendan Schaub and Matt Mitrione, who had somewhat of a friendly rivalry, squared off on the UFC 165 pay-per-view card. The action played out on the feet early with Mitrione proving to be the faster and straighter puncher but Schaub’s power allowed him to gain some ground back. Schaub unreeled a heavy right hand, followed up with a takedown, then trapped Mitrione’s head when he tried to explode for an escape. Schaub adjusted the headlock grip to a D’arce (Brabo) choke and Mitrione, despite giving the thumbs up just a moment before, went unconscious.”